Shrimps Forever Baby

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Shrimps forever baby is special shrimp feed in powder form, which offers baby shrimp everything for optimal growth from an early age. Baby is a mix of different cereals and microorganisms that can easily be digested and process by the small shrimps.

Shrimps forever baby is a powder feed that will spread immediately throughout the aquarium. This way all the small shrimp will find their portion of the feed. This is essential in the first stage of the baby shrimps, as they often require small amounts of feed. The shrimp feed is landing in front of their nose, so they do not have to go through the whole aquarium to look for their portion of the feed.

Shrimps forever baby supports the small shrimps in good growth, in which the moulting proces is very important. The minerals in this feed ensure a good moulting proces while the microorganisms together with the natural ingredients ensure optimum cell construction and devaloping.

By feeding a small amount of Shrimps forever baby on a daily basis, you increase the survival rate of young shrimps.


Feed a little every day by adding a little scoop per 30 liters (included).

Content: 20 grams in the form of powder.

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