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Shrimps Forever Mulberry

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Shrimps forever mulberry sticks are made from 100% natural mulberry leaves.

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Shrimps forever mulberry is made from 100% natural mulberry leaves and is a real shrimp treat. Mulberry is rich in vitamins and fibers that shrimps need to a small extent during their growth.

These vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients need the shrimp to a small extent to grow, stay healthy and breed well. In addition, the minerals support the moulting process, which prevents problems during the moult. Mulberry is rich in fiber which ensures proper digestion.

Shrimps forever mulberry is suitable for both shrimp and bottomfish.


Mulberry leaves, soya, fish meal, spirulina algae, mineral premix, vitamin premix, vitamin B complex.


Use this feed as a supplementary shrimp feed. Feed about 2 to 3 times a week what the shrimp eat in two hours.

Content: 30 grams in the form of sticks.

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