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Shrimps Forever Complete

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Shrimps forever complete is a wholesome balanced food for aquarium shrimps

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Shrimps forever complete is a complete shrimp feed containing all the essential minerals and nutrients that shrimp need. Consists of 100% natural ingredients that support health, color and breeding.

Because this feed is made from selected natural products, you are always sure of a high quality product. Due to a good balance between different ingredients, this feed is rich in vegetable proteins for optimal cell construction and growth. Due to the addition of natural minerals, natural colors are enhanced. In addition, this feed is rich in fiber which promotes digestion and feed intake for shrimps.


Rosemary, dandelion, laurel, lentil blossom, chamomile, paprika, nettle, peas, soybeans, milled grains, spirulina, wheat gluten.


Feed as much as the shrimp eat in 2 hours. About 1 stick is enough for 10 shrimps.

Content: 30 grams in the form of sticks.

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