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SL-Aqua Vitality

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Bakterijų, fermentų ir mineralų pakeliai (10 vnt)

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This product contains a combination of bacteria and minerals, which are beneficial for aquatic organisms.
It increases algae growth which can become shrimp food and also increases shrimplet survival rate.
Long-term usage can stabilize and improve your tank environment.
It also helps with your shrimp digestion and protects your shrimp digestive system, allowing your shrimp to eat healthy.


    1. It is recommended to change a new packet every 7-10 days.

    2. It can be placed floated on the water surface or inside your tank.

    3. Bags will appearance of a layer of white biofilm, is normal phenomenon.


    S (10 packs/box):
    1 pack of vitality, please use at tank of 25L-20L of water.

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