MineralCubes "Pure Mineral"

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Complementary food for invertebrates

- for the supply of minerals

- does not pollute the water

- demand-oriented care

- for all invertebrates in soft water

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NatureHolic MineralCubes "Pure Mineral" consist of minerals only. They are an innovative solution of supplying invertebrates like shrimp, snails, crayfish and crabs with the minerals they need.

The Mineralcube "Pure Mineral" consists of pure minerals without any additives.

Using it is really very easy: Simply place one cube per 10 liters of tank water onto the substrate. The minerals are given off to the water very slowly and are not only available to your aquarium animals but also to the beneficial bacteria in the aquarium that keep the water clean. Replace used-up cubes.

When keeping shrimp and/or snails you will soon see the animals gnaw deliberately on the cubes. They do this to safeguard their mineral intake. Snails can prevent shell damage by eating minerals and even repair smaller holes and cracks from the inside. Shrimp need minerals to prevent molting problems.

MineralCubes "Pure Mineral" are excellent for the use in crab terraria. Not only omnivorous crabs, carnivores like Geosesarma, too, are happy about a source of minerals in their tank. MineralCubes can be used in the water as well as on the land part of the terrarium.

1 MineralCube to 10 l of aquarium volume


Store at room temperature, cooling is unnecessary.
Not intended for human consumption! Keep away from children!

Content: 5 сubes

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