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The dwarf shrimp food GT essentials - Life! was developed with the aim of providing the best possible nutrition for dwarf shrimps of all ages. 

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GT essentials ® - Life! (10g)
Complete food for ornamental shrimps

The dwarf shrimp food GT essentials - Life! was developed with the aim of providing the best possible nutrition for dwarf shrimps of all ages. To take into account the needs of just a few minutes old freshly hatched baby shrimp, the food particles from GT essentials - Life! carefully matched and balanced in size. It contains very small (bacterial size) and very nutrient-rich feed particles which baby shrimp facilitate and support the survival in the first hours.

Furthermore, GT essentials - Life! the sophisticated microfauna due to the sophisticated feed particle composition.
The microfauna as an umbrella term are invisible creatures such as protozoa which form everywhere and represent another natural food source of dwarf shrimps or their offspring.

  • Young animals grow more evenly and thus faster due to the large-scale feed availability and the coordinated nutrient supply
  • Ultrafine particles for perfect feed film
  • By combining GT essentials - Life! and the thrust of natural food (microfauna) prevents nutrition-related deficiency symptoms (moulting problems / crippled growth)
  • Older animals are set to the "Search and Abrasion Mode". The interest freshly sliced ​​to look for food is largely eliminated.
  • The microfauna is greatly accelerated in growth
  • Food can not be blocked by snails

GT essentials - Life! Ingredients

The ingredients are carefully selected, extensively tested in several large breeder plants and are of the highest quality available. They are rich in nutrients and offer in this combination a complete staple food for the sole nutrition of dwarf shrimps.

Feeding recommendation
In normal keeping shrimp aquaria: A leveled scoop (0.3 ml content) to about 10-15 shrimp daily
In breeding ponds: 3-fold dosage possible
A scoop is in
can after use airtight again

Composition: Cereals, soft crustaceans and crustaceans , algae, minerals, yeast, a-amylase, lipase, protease
lining form:Very fine powder
Analytical constituents: crude ash 8%, crude fiber 0.8%, crude fat 2%, crude protein 23%

Contents: 10 grams
Supplied in a tin with screw cap and dosing spoon

Sales: GT essentials | Zähringen 12 | 89174 Altheim | Tel. +49 (0) 7340 213759
Manufacturer No .: DEBW436025
GT essentials ® is a registered trademark of Heike Groh, www,

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