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The granules are 2-5 mm, highly porous. Offers large surface area for beneficial bacteria and biofilm growth which is essential for shrimp tanks. Better water flow ensures even distribution of nutrients and temperature in the bottom of the tank, no anaerobic pockets occur while using black lava substrate.


- Lava substrate does not release excess nutrients into the water

- Grain size: 2-5 mm
- Chemically neutral
- Substrate is porous
- Perfect for rooting and plant growth

- 100% natural
- Holds shape - suitable for creating fancy hardscapes
- Does not crumble


Thoroughly wash lava soil before use

How to calculate how much soil do you need:

Length cm x depth of the aquarium cm x substrate height in cm: 1000 = result in liters

E.g. Aquarium with bottom dimensions 100 x 40 cm, required substrate height. The depth of the substrate at the front should be about 2 cm, with the back wall 7-8 cm, the diameter being 5 cm. For stock substrates, you need 2-3 cm.

100 x 40 x 5: 1000 = 20 l substrate

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