Shrimp Lake is a family-run store dedicated to shrimp enthusiasts all over the world.

First in Baltic states, we are passionate about shrimp keeping and providing best quality products. Whether it's premium shrimp food or nutritious snacks, innovative aquascaping equipment or top of the line accessories for shrimp tank!

We are happy to provide advice to shrimp lovers on how to:

- set up your very first shrimp micro cosmos
- connect with breeders in EU
- improve water quality with water conditioners and mineral stones
- select shrimp food and supplements to promote healthy shrimp growth, breeding and molting
- spoil your shrimps with yummy snacks and feeding bowls
- decorate your aquarium with natural accessories such as leaves, driftwood and cones that come from the best sources
- set up new shrimp tank with premium enriched shrimp soil
- establish healthy bacterial colonies and boost microflora in your tank
- photograph your shrimp like a pro!

We fell in love with shrimp keeping and urge everyone to go ahead and try it :)

Shipping to EU from 3.80EUR

Shipping worldwide starting  5EUR. Please contact us if your country not enabled. 

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