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Dennerle quality shrimp food


  • offers aquarium and garden pond products which can do more than just combat symptoms.

  • brings nature into your home as one of life's simple pleasures.

  • is environment-friendly and careful to conserve natural resources.

  • combines a professional approach with sound expertise.

In the aquarium products segment in particular

  • Dennerle is able to draw on over 40 years of experience.

  • Dennerle acts as a trend-setter and innovation driver.

  • Dennerle evolves products for all aquarium owners – from the novice to the professional.

Our products

  • make biological sense and bring obvious benefits.

  • are perfectly matched.

  • draw "practical merits from practical insights".

  • are simple, safe and reliable to use.

  • are technically sophisticated, representing the state of the art.

  • are tested at our in-house laboratory.

  • are high-quality and innovative.

  • live up to their promises.

  • COMPLETE FOOD FOR FRESH WATER FAN SHRIMPS SHRIMP KING ATYOPSIS Specially developed powdered food providing a biologically balanced diet for freshwater fan shrimps. With all important nutrients, building blocks and vital substances. The optimum particle size enables effective feeding and reduced water pollution. For healthy, balanced growth and vibrant...

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