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Borneo wild shrimp food from Singapure

Borneo Wild was born from a love for exploration and life-long fascination with the living wilderness of the island of Borneo. Our approach in aquarium design is based on an understanding of the ecological functions of natural habitats as well as a passion for quality that meets our own high standards.

Our product line begins with tools and decorations that add a touch of authenticity to all setups. We offer high quality driftwood in an assortment of shapes and sizes, that will not leach brown tannin into the water. For aquascaping and maintenance of planted tanks, Borneo Wild cutters, pincettes and forceps combine ergonomical and effective designs that make it simple to plant and trim any type or number of aquatic flora.

For a sound foundation to your aquarium, Borneo Wild's substrate additive system is a naturally formulated blend of minerals and trace elements that support the development of a balanced nitrifying community. We also have inflow and outflow filter pipes made with high quality glass for strength and aesthetic functionality. Other products in the pipeline include specialised aquarium substrates, CO2 system parts and glass parts, liquid fertilisers, water conditioners and fish food.

Used on their own or as part of an integrated system, Borneo Wild's products offer elegant yet affordable solutions for hobbyists seeking high quality at reasonable costs. Completing the range is our professional quality Red Bee series of food, mineral supplements and accessories for shrimp. And coming up in the future are products for ponds, marine and vivarium systems.

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