We’d like to celebrate the beginning of our journey with little fun facts about our favorite and very first shrimp – Amano. We’ve got him in our very first Walstad style tank and he Is still with us, God bless him.

Facts time:

– The Amano Shrimp gained its fame in 1994 thanks to Takashi Amano, the author of The Natural Aquarium and noted planted tank author, when he wrote in his book about the effectiveness of the Amano Shrimp in controlling Algae in the planted tank. Many planted tank aquarists then started to stock them in their tanks.

– Amano shrimps are gregarious! Which means that they like to hang out in very large groups, but it’s very hard to establish this in usual tank due to limiting bio load.

– Amano is extremely greedy feeders to extent that special feeding products (like amaNO) were introduced so other shrimps and fishes can have any chance to eat. It’s fun to watch Amano trying to steal away whole stick of Shrimp Lollie.

– When Amano Shrimp dies it turns bright orange 🙁

– You can tell female and males by looking at their spots. At the second row of spots along the side of the shrimp you will notice female shrimps having broken lines while males have round dots.

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